Who we are

The management team of NEO New Oncology

Management team

I experienced that innovation is the main driver for health improvement.


Corey Bouwman

Chief Executive Officer

Every cancer patient has the right to an accurate diagnosis.


Stefan Foser

Chief Technology Officer

Personalized medicine will be at the forefront as a new era of medical care approaches.


Steffen Maerz

Head of Finance

In the end it is all about making big things happen for the customers and their patients.


Georges Belderbos

Head of Marketing & Sales

Our goal is to improve the lives of patients.


Volker Biermann

Head of Quality

NEOs solutions are valuable tools in the hands of molecular pathologists and oncologists.


Raimund Martin

Head of Product Management

Every new discovery uncovers a piece of the puzzle and gets us that much closer to understanding cancer.


Roopika Menon

Head of Customer Management