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NEO New Oncology AG begins clinical study on molecular diagnostics for lung cancer patients

Cologne, November 5 2015 – NEO New Oncology AG announced today the launch of its prospective registry “NEOlung”. In this study, approximately 1,500 patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer will gain direct and timely access to comprehensive molecular diagnostics and close-to-home care in specialized centers in Northern Germany.

With NEOlung, NEO New Oncology AG will employ its NEO technology to offer comprehensive tumor analysis in addition to standard histopathological diagnosis for each participating patient. NEO is able to provide rapid and comprehensive analysis of all therapeutically-relevant genetic alterations from either a blood sample or a minimal quantity of tissue. In addition to point mutations, both translocations and copy number changes, all of which play an increasingly important role in the treatment of lung cancer, are detected. The aim of NEOlung is to establish a prospective, non-interventional registry in order to evaluate the quality and performance of the NEO technology in its ability to detect therapeutically relevant genomic alterations. Furthermore, the efficacy of treatment using targeted substances in different lines of therapy, the progression of tumor diseases and the emergence of resistances in clinical practice will be recorded prospectively. Data pertaining to health economics will also be collected and evaluated. Finally, NEO will be compared to standard molecular diagnostics methods as well. NEOlung is financed by NEO New Oncology AG.

NEOlung will be performed at centers of the NOWEL network, which aims to ensure optimal, region-wide accessible care for lung cancer patients across all of Northern Germany.

“The treatment of patients with lung cancer has become increasingly more advanced and especially more efficient with the availability of targeted therapies. However, an exact diagnosis is required for attending physicians to be able to offer evidence-based and personalized tumor therapy to each patient at the highest scientific level. By conducting NEOlung we address that need. The data collected will be evaluated centrally and will meet the highest standards of quality, thus contributing in the long term to the improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic care concepts,” said Professor Frank Griesinger, director of the Department of Haematology and Oncology at the Pius Hospital Oldenburg and Principal Investigator of the NEOlung study.

“We are very proud that we are able to contribute to the optimal care of cancer patients with NEOlung. Recent innovations in individualized medicine have the potential to provide a great medical and economic benefit to not only the patient, but also to society at large. However, at this point there is not enough data to evaluate these effects on a large scale. With NEOlung, we would like to address these issues. Together with our partners from the NOWEL network, we want to ensure that in the long term the latest developments in personalized medicine will benefit patients directly,” commented Dr. Andreas Jenne, CEO of NEO New Oncology AG.

About NEO New Oncology AG
NEO New Oncology AG’s diagnostic platform “NEO” allows doctors to determine the optimal targeted therapy for their patients. This also includes the possibility to participate in appropriate clinical trials. NEO identifies all therapy-relevant genetic alterations from standard clinical material quickly, reliably and irrespective of indications. With NEO, point mutations, as well as amplifications, insertions/deletions and selected known and new translocations can be detected from a single patient sample. NEO New Oncology AG works together with renowned cancer experts to make the latest scientific findings available for improvements in patient care.

At the NOWEL (Nord-Ost-West-Lunge) network, regional leaders with proven expertise in the treatment of lung cancer from the disciplines of oncology, pulmonology and pathology have joined forces in order to ensure optimal, comprehensive and accessible care for lung cancer patients in Northern Germany. The aim of NOWEL is to provide evidence-based, personalized cancer therapy at the highest scientific level through interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation. NOWEL’s primary goal is to provide patients with close-to-home and timely diagnosis and treatment of their cancer. A main focus of NOWEL’s activities centers on health services research. Utilizing comprehensive data collection, in which the quality of results is paramount, NOWEL seeks to actively contribute to improved diagnostic and therapeutic care concepts. For more information please visit

Dr. Jutta Fritz
NEO New Oncology AG

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#07 2015

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