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NEO New Oncology AG Launches Liquid Biopsy Test “NEOliquid” for Comprehensive Cancer Diagnostics From a Single Blood Sample

Cologne, November 17, 2015 – NEO New Oncology AG announced today the commercial launch of “NEOliquid”, a non-invasive cancer diagnostics test. NEOliquid is uniquely able to detect all therapeutically relevant point mutations, small insertions and deletions, translocations and copy number changes from a single blood sample, offering a painless and low-risk alternative to a tissue biopsy. NEOliquid comprises 39 genes relevant for the treatment of solid tumors, offering the physician with a rational decision making guide to match their patient with the best targeted treatment. NEO New Oncology AG is the only European provider performing comprehensive routine molecular cancer diagnostics in both clinical tissue samples and blood.

NEOliquid identifies clinically relevant, cancer-specific point mutations, insertions, deletions and gene fusions in circulating cell-free DNA down to an allele frequency of 0.1%. In addition, NEOliquid is able to detect copy number alterations in tiny amounts of circulating tumor DNA.

NEOliquid enables parallel analysis of both the primary tumor as well as its metastases, capturing the entire heterogeneity of the disease. The test can be applied to reveal additional possible therapeutic options for the patient, e.g. in the case of relapse or if the patient’s tumor has become resistant to targeted therapy. NEOliquid is suited for therapy control and therapy decisions for cancer patients experiencing recurrence of cancer, avoiding risk-prone and painful re-biopsies. NEOliquid is applicable to patients with solid tumors, such as lung, skin, breast, stomach, intestinal or ovarian cancer, or in childhood malignancies such as neuroblastoma. As little as 18 milliliters of blood are required for NEOliquid analysis. Samples can be shipped via standard mail or courier service.

“The success of targeted cancer therapies relies on the identification of specific molecular targets. Initial cancer diagnostics are performed on a tumor biopsy to determine the molecular targets at a single point in time, usually prior to treatment. As the disease progresses, further biopsies, which are painful, risk-prone and costly, may be needed. Also, due to tumor heterogeneity a tissue sample may not be a true representation of a patient’s molecular cancer profile. Furthermore, tumor genotypes may change under therapy. Consequently, liquid biopsies have the potential to fill the diagnostic gap currently left by tissue analysis: They create the opportunity to take serial samples to comprehensively monitor the development of the disease. This will allow physicians to ensure that the selected therapy remains relevant and to observe the emergence of possible resistance mechanisms at an early stage, so the treatment plan can be adopted accordingly,” commented Lukas C. Heukamp, MB PhD, Medical Director at NEO New Oncology AG.

About NEO New Oncology AG
NEO New Oncology AG’s “NEO” diagnostic platform allows doctors to determine the optimal targeted therapy for their patients. This also includes the possibility to participate in appropriate clinical trials. NEO identifies all therapy-relevant genetic alterations from standard clinical material quickly, reliably and irrespective of indications. With NEO, point mutations, as well as amplifications, small insertions or deletions and selected known and new translocations can be detected from a single patient sample. NEO New Oncology AG works together with renowned cancer experts to make the latest scientific findings available for improvements in patient care.

Dr. Jutta Fritz
NEO New Oncology AG

Press Release
#08 2015

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