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NOWEL Network Established for the Optimal Care of Lung Cancer Patients in Northern Germany

Oldenburg / Hamburg / Cologne, November 4, 2015 – The Pius Hospital Oldenburg, the Institute of Hematopathology Hamburg and NEO New Oncology AG announced today the formation of NOWEL, the North-East-West Lung Network (Nord-Ost-West-Lunge, NOWEL, The objective of the network is to make area-wide care with the best available diagnostics and therapy accessible to lung cancer patients in Northern Germany.

At NOWEL, the region’s leading experts in the fields of oncology, pulmonology and pathology have joined forces in interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation to offer patients evidence-based, personalized cancer therapy of the highest scientific level. In doing so, NOWEL’s primary goal is to provide patients with close-to-home and timely diagnosis and treatment of their cancer. A main focus of NOWEL’s activities centers on health services research. With a comprehensive, quality-assured benefit analysis, NOWEL aims to actively contribute to improved diagnostic and therapeutic care concepts.

“Our goal is to let the patient directly benefit from the latest innovations in individualized medicine. We are convinced that the key to optimal patient care is to combine the advantages of close-to-home care with up-to-date expertise. NOWEL therefore provides the attending physician with a molecular diagnosis at the highest level as well as a high-class tumor board and access to ongoing studies from the network,” said Professor Frank Griesinger from Pius Hospital Oldenburg. Professor Griesinger serves as the spokesman for NOWEL and contact person for centers and private practices interested in joining the network.

“The treatment of patients with lung cancer has become increasingly more advanced and especially more efficient with the availability of targeted therapies. Centralized molecular analysis at the highest technological level and the assessment of findings continuously adapted to the latest state of research are therefore ever more essential for successful treatment,” commented Dr. Markus Tiemann, Managing Director of the Institute of Hematopathology Hamburg.

“We are very proud that we are able to contribute our expertise to the optimal area-wide care of patients,” added Dr. Andreas Jenne, CEO of NEO New Oncology AG. “Our diagnostic platform ‘NEO’ allows for comprehensive molecular analysis from very small tumor tissue or blood samples. With NOWEL, and in combination with the consulting services of our network partners, we can therefore ensure that attending physicians can quickly decide upon the optimal targeted therapy for their patients.”

Prof. Frank Griesinger
NOWEL spokesperson

Press Release
#06 2015

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