Tailored training and support according to your needs


NEO supports molecular pathologies, research laboratories and collaboration partners in implementing NGS-based molecular tumor profiling. Furthermore, tailor-made services are offered to suit individual needs.

  • The Hybrid Capture-based NGS workflow implementation in the molecular pathology or cancer research lab can be fully supported – which includes training of laboratory staff as well as training and support for data analysis
  • NEO offers advice on resource allocation and equipment (e.g., lab equipment or implementation of the IT infrastructure)
  • A comprehensive training in the application of Hybrid Capture‐based technology for lab personnel is offered
  • Training on data evaluationand interpretation software supports time‐saving sample analysis
  • Support for the evaluation of technically complex analyses can be provided upon request
  • The NEO team is available on short notice, in case challenges occur in routine operations
  • On request, storage of analysis files is part of the NEO offering