Hybrid capture-based next generation sequencing


Personalized cancer therapies, based on the individual genetic tumor profile of the patient, have led to a paradigm shift in oncology in recent years. An increasing number of genetic changes involved in tumor progression have been identified that can be successfully treated with targeted therapies.

In order to diagnose cancer reliably or understand it comprehensively within the framework of translational research, technologies for efficient molecular analysis of the tumor profile must be applied.

The Hybrid Capture-based technology – as part of our NEOonsite platform for cancer diagnostics and clinical research – is suitable for analyzing solid tumors regardless of the indication as well as myeloid malignancies1.

It reliably detects somatic point mutations, small insertions and deletions, copy number alterations and translocations from tumor DNA. In addition, microsatellite instability (MSI)2 and tumor mutational burden (TMB)2 can be tested in tissue samples. The analysis can be performed on routine clinical tissue samples (FFPE, cryosections, cytologies) or blood.

Our tests are based on “Hybrid Capture next generation sequencing (NGS)” technology. This technology offers the possibility of an efficient and time-saving parallel multiplex analysis of relevant gene segments from tumor DNA. Time-consuming single gene sequencing PCR-based detection methods or fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis can be replaced by Hybrid Capture-based analyses.

First, the genes of interest are extracted from the genome of the tumor using complementary probes (Hybrid Capture). The selection of baits enables a uniform coverage of relevant gene segments from the tumor genome. Upon binding to the baits, targeted fragments are amplified (clonal amplification) and sequenced in parallel.

NEOonsite includes a complete bioinformatic data analysis of the sequencing data obtained. Mutations, small insertions and deletions, amplifications and translocations can be reliably identified. The derived results provide a rational basis for molecular cancer diagnostics or the cancer research in clinical laboratories.

All molecular genetic tests developed by NEO New Oncology can be performed and evaluated directly in your laboratory as part of the NEOonsite platform. Tests

1NEOmyeloid v1 RUO. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

2Available for NEOplus v2 RUO. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.