Scalable and efficient library preparation


Consistent high-quality sample preparation is key to successful NGS-based molecular tumor profiling. The NEOonsite workflow includes a protocol for library preparation, enabling an efficient and uniform analysis of the relevant genomic regions.

With increasing sample numbers, both the complexity of the manual sample preparation workflow as well as hands-on time in the lab increases. In addition, there may be more operator-introduced deviations in the performance of the laboratory processes.

The automated solution of the NEOonsite sample preparation workflow enables laboratories to improve efficiency through scalable and time-saving processes. The reduction of hands-on time and a lower number of operator interventions result in reduction of the turnaround time, allowing more flexibility for the laboratory staff. A reduction in the operator-introduced variation in sample processing allows to generate highly reproducible results when processing medium to high sample throughputs.

Various NEOonsite assays, e.g., NEOselect v1 and NEOplus v2 RUO1, maybe processed in parallel. Find out more on NEOonsite library preparation automated on the Hamilton NGS STARâ„¢:

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