Molecular cancer profiling platform for research and diagnostics


NEOonsite is a streamlined technology platform that allows you to perform all molecular genetic assays offered by NEO New Oncology in your own lab. In addition, the technology platform can be adapted to specific needs within the framework of research collaborations and scientific projects. NEOonsite combines reagents for sample analysis with a comprehensive bioinformatic data analysis and a user-friendly software for data evaluation and interpretation.


NEOonsite offers:

  • Comprehensive support in establishing the NEOonsite workflow for hybrid capture-based next generation sequencing tumor analysis in your laboratory
  • Parallel, sensitive analysis of relevant gene alterations (point mutations, small insertions and deletions, copy number alterations1, gene fusions, microsatellite instability (MSI)2, tumor mutational burden (TMB)2 in clinical routine and research settings
  • High quality bioinformatic data analysis by NEO New Oncology
  • Your full data control on all raw and analysis files
  • User-friendly data evaluation including an interface to a visualization software, for your data interpretation using NEOdiagnosis software
  • For molecular genetic analyses, hybrid capture reagents are available for various questions in routine diagnostics or clinical research.

Contact us to learn more about individual use of our reagents, bioinformatics and software solutions in scientific collaborations or research projects.



NEOonsite – the workflow

For comprehensive molecular tumor profiling, optimized tests are available for various questions in routine diagnostics and clinical research.

The innovative Hybrid Capture technology allows for the enrichment of cancer-relevant genes.

The bioinformatic data analysis allows for the detailed evaluation of the genetic alterations. Full data control on all raw and analysis files remains with you.

The software NEOdiagnosis offers a userfriendly data analysis and interpretation and provides access to information on relevant annotations, publications as well as clinical studies.

Not available for NEOmyeloid v1 RUO.

2 Available for NEOplus v2 RUO. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For molecular genetic analyses, Hybrid Capture reagents are available for various questions inroutine diagnostics or clinical research.