User-friendly data evaluation and interpretation


NEOdiagnosis is an intuitive and user-friendly software for comprehensive evaluation and interpretation of sequencing data. Data control on all raw and analysis data remains with you.


NEOdiagnosis offers:

  • One application for the evaluation of all assays from NEO New Oncology
  • Clear listing of all analyses performed 
  • Overview of QC-relevant parameters for effective verification of data quality
  • Detailed analysis of the sequencing depth (coverage) for each individual partition
  • Listing of all identified point mutations as well as small insertions and deletions indicating the respective allele frequency
  • Interface to a software for visualization of detected point mutations, InDels and gene fusions
  • Analysis of copy number alterations including visualization of focality1
  • Evaluation of gene fusions with exact breakpoint determination
  • Access to information on relevant functional and clinical annotations, publications and clinical trials
  • Clear and user-friendly assessment of microsatellite instability (MSI)2
  • Transparent determination of tumor mutational burden (TMB)2
  • Export of chosen gene alterations including annotations and further information in an editable format for efficient generation of your medical or scientific report


Copy number alterations not available for NEOmyeloid v1 RUO. Focality available for selected genes for NEOselect v1, NEOliquid v1.

Available for NEOplus v2 RUO. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.